TotalBid Lite Project Package

The TotalBid Lite project has all the essential features you need and none of the extras you don’t:
All in one document storage, team and bidder collaboration tools, a thorough risk assessment report and comparative analysis of bids received. And our Support team is standing by to provide immediate assistance, if necessary.

Features Lite Standard Enterprise
Standard Bid
Trade/Design-Build Lite
Lot Bidding
Bid Sheets Standard 16 & 48 CSI Editable 16 & 48 CSI Custom
Supporting Team Members A/E Only
Project Details & Documents
Project Notifications
Bidder Information & Tracking
RFIs Bidirectional Bidirectional
Extend Bid Date
Milestone Deadlines
Bid Results Dashboard
Standard Leveling
Bid Award
Rebid 1/2 price 1/2 price
Risk Assessment
SpeedLevel® Collaboration
Reopen Bid
Alternates & Allowances
Budget Comparisons
Document Library
Document Status
Project Notebook
RFP/Q - TotalBid Questionnaires
Volume Pricing
Portal Management Unlimited Users
Multiple Custom Templates
User Preferences
Bidder Statistics
Historical Analysis
Variance Report/Analysis
Multistage Cost Reduction

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TotalBid® Project Evolution

TotalBid® provides an immediate ROI, whereby the client does not have to wait for the end of the project lifecycle to benefit. The TB Project Evolution outlines many of the additional benefits available with all our format types…