Multiple Prime

Managing construction projects with multiple bid events? Multiple Prime is a very flexible product for project owners, owner’s representatives and GCs.

As an owner or owner’s rep, there are a couple scenarios where Multiple Prime can help standardize and streamline your bid process:

  1. if you negotiate with your GC(s), or have an in-house GC, and require visibility to the sub trade bid activity, including the bid workflow, RFI communications and document management and distribution, or
  2. if you self-build and bid direct to your sub trades, and need to gain greater control over the end-to-end bid process, including workflow, communications and document distribution.

The project owner and GC can solicit different bidders for different aspects of the same project, and in turn merge the bids into one master project, promoting better comparative reporting and historical analysis.

Multiple Prime is also used by general contractors to automate, collect and analyze their sub trade bids using the same robust and easy to use end-to-end platform as a stand-alone, secure bid management environment.

Enjoy the full function of Bid Automation combined with the flexibility and power of Multiple Prime functionality. It’s your way only easier!