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Bid Automation >>

Bid Automation is an easy to use, end-to-end construction bid management software platform, made possible by combining workflow automation with bid team communications, document distribution, activity tracking, and in-depth bid submittal comparison and analysis....

Design Build >>

Project Owners, Owner's Representatives and GC/CMs can solicit different bidders for different aspects of the same project, and in turn merge the bids into one master project analysis, promoting better comparative reporting and historical analysis....

Lot Bidding >>

Optimize your time and spend when bundling projects. Lot Bidding helps you leverage economies of scale on similar projects and provides you the flexibility to award individual projects, or award the entire Lot, based on the bidder’s proposed Lot discount....

MultiStage® Bidding >>

Reduce construction spend by up to 10% and more using our well controlled, patented bid process. Multistage Bidding is a proven way to ensure cost reduction without the compromise....

TotalBid® Project Evoluton>>

TotalBid® provides an immediate ROI, whereby the client does not have to wait for the end of the project lifecycle to benefit. The TB Project Evolution outlines many of the additional benefits available with all our format types described above….

Evaluation Game Changers

ROI is defined by many variables, not only cost reduction but also time savings, supplier and PM visibility and transparency, enhanced communications, more effective document management etc. Our signature SpeedLevel® feature alone provides an enormous amount of ROI by identifying high risk project costs at their roots.

TotalBid Questionnaire

TotalBid hits the mark again with its TotalBid Questionnaire (TQ) feature. Designed for prequalification, or to be used in combination with the bidding process as a tollgate, or as a standalone supporting document attached to your bidder’s submittal. The TQ will answer all your questions.


Total transparency into line item cost, unparalleled team and bidder communication and collaboration combined with in-depth comparison analysis of the original bid/cost submittal and any number of further leveled submittals, makes SpeedLevel® a must have for all construction sourcing.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment Report provides an in-depth listing of each bidder’s high-risk line item costs, including an explanation for each targeted submittal. This report combines data with the Totalbid SpeedLevel® functionality, enabling the PM to collaborate immediately through in-cell communications with any selected number of contractors simultaneously.

About Us

Founded in 2001, CPBID Technologies, LLC is a true revolutionary in the world of commercial, industrial, and residential construction. Determined to bring the archaic method of construction sourcing into the new era of internet technology, we developed an initial pathway for bid automation. Next, we assembled a team to lead in the development of a bid management prototype that was then vigorously tested by a well-known restaurant chain franchise owner. Following this, the CPBID team secured funding and launched CPBID Technologies. Now, CPBID is recognized as an industry leader, with the continued popularity of the TotalBid construction spend management software platform.


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All TotalBid services offer a return on investment at a rate of 50 to 125 percent or more, based on time and money saved. No training required for Bidders. Minimal training for Owners, PM/CMs and A/Es. TotalBid is a familiar bid process. It is made to work your way, only easier!

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