Bid Automation

Bid Automation is an easy to use, end-to-end construction bid management system, made possible by combining workflow automation with bid team communications, document distribution, activity tracking, and bid submittal comparison and analysis.

TotalBid's Bid Automation format can standardize and streamline your process, ensure risk reduction, and eliminate redundancies and errors common in other conventional bidding processes. Furthermore, the format has evolved to become the most robust all inclusive bid management product in the marketplace.   A wide range of tools are made available to the Project Manager, including but not limited to, detailed bid solicitations, RFI collaboration, statistical bidder reporting, in-depth bid analysis, bid leveling and bid award recommendations.  Project templates and interactive bid sheets make launching bid solicitations a breeze.  Eliminate printing & distribution costs with our integrated plan rooms.  Cross reference all bidder data immediately at close of bid with integrated management level dashboard reports and detailed line item analysis, exclusive to TotalBid®. Our Bid Automation format will make your construction bidding easier, faster and more reliable. Please Contact Us today to schedule a live web demo.



SpeedLevel®, the ultimate cost reducer and time saver, available on all services!

By using our patented comparison and analysis tools, you will see the ROI with each project increase dramatically.

Design Build

Managing construction projects with multiple bid events or subtrades?

Design Build is a very flexible product for Project Owners, Owner’s Representatives (CMs) and GCs, where you can solicit different bidders for different aspects of the same project, and in-turn merge the bids into one master project, promoting better comparative reporting and historical analysis.

Scenarios where Design-Build can help standardize and streamline your bid process include, if you negotiate with your GC(s) or have an in-house GC working as a CM and visibility to the sub trade bid activity is desired; complete with bid workflow, RFI communications and document management and distribution. Furthermore, if you self-build and bid direct to your sub trades, and need to gain greater control over the end-to-end bid process, including workflow, communications and document distribution, TotalBid’s Design Build as a standardization process is a must.

Enjoy the full function of Bid Automation combined with the flexibility and power of Design-Build functionality. It’s your way only easier and fully transparent to all bid activity!

Regardless, if you are a large or small company, find out how TotalBid® can automate your bidding process and provide immediate ROI.

Owners, CMs, and facility managers involved in the construction bidding process, contact TotalBid® and take advantage of our Summer Discount Special.

Lot Bidding

Optimize your time and your spend when bundling projects.

Lot Bidding helps you leverage economies of scale on similar projects and provides you the flexibility to award individual projects, or award the entire Lot, based on the bidder’s proposed Lot Discount.

Lot Bidding is the ideal solution when multiple projects of a similar nature scheduled for construction during a specific time frame, such as a major remodel of various floors in the same building, or multiple remodel projects in the same geographical location.  Regardless, Lot Bidding enables your team to expedite the bid award process while at the same time benefit from the contractor’s proposed discount, if awarded all projects within the Lot.  This process also provides in-depth reporting specific to Lot bidding.

In addition to premium bid management, control and reporting benefits inherent to the Lot Bidding feature, savings go direct to the bottom line by way of a Lot Discount – current average is over 7%.   And there’s more.   Additional benefits of the Lot Bidding product include inviting bidders to all projects within the Lot all at the same time, viewing bidder activity and statistics all in one place, upload and review & addenda all in one place, and reassign the Lot to a different PM with just one click.

Enjoy the full function of Bid Automation combined with the flexibility and power of Lot Bidding functionality. It’s your way only easier!

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TotalBid® Project Evolution

TotalBid® provides an immediate ROI, whereby the client does not have to wait for the end of the project lifecycle to benefit. The TB Project Evolution outlines many of the additional benefits available with all our format types…

MultiStage® Bidding

Reduce construction spend by up to 10% and more using our well controlled, patented bid process.

Multistagel® Bidding is a proven way to ensure cost reduction without the compromise. Multistage Bidding was designed by a commercial contractor as the perfect alternative to traditional sourcing platforms and reverse auctions, providing your bidders with the tools and time necessary to provide cost reduction.  Multistage® Bidding fosters a practical yet competitive bid management environment.  Steeled with multiple safeguards, this popular product promotes scope compliance and savings of up to 10% on most construction projects.

The Multistage® Bidding process has been recognized as a win-win for Project Owners and their suppliers. Project Owners have successfully used this versatile TotalBid format on everything from $20k remodels to major developments exceeding $200MD, saving big on every bid event.  Savings go direct to the bottom line, reducing construction costs before breaking ground.

When cost reduction is the top priority…there is no substitute!  Patented. Proven. Innovation.