Bid Leveling Is The Hottest Thing Since Cloud Computing!

The hottest thing since the Cloud Computing? OK maybe not, but definitely the hottest thing since competitive bidding. TotalBid has been enhanced to normalize the wide range of bid submittals typically received with every bid. This “bid-leveling” functionality is now a standard part of our flagship Bid Automation process; part and parcel of our standard construction bid management software.

Advantages and benefits include:

Better comparison – Costs are allocated according to their appropriate bid sheet line items

Ensure accurate bid amount – Optimize the clarifications phase and catch errors or omissions

Audit trail for contractor approval – Contractor electronically signs the leveled bid creating a date and time stamped document

Contractor’s thoroughness – PMs have notification tools to alert contractors that are not providing a thorough bid submittal

Cost reduction – Clients are reporting measurable savings: construction spend is being reduced by 3-5% on every project using Bid Leveling