Project Collaboration

Construction professionals can now communicate with team members like never before with a low-cost, easy to use product that offers:

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  • Online productivity for project managers
  • Team communications & collaboration
  • Task assignment and scheduling
  • Document, photo, video distribution, review and approval
  • Combine phone, email, text and messaging all in one place
  • Integrated web based and mobile interfaces


Our project collaboration product is designed to optimize your team, making it possible to create and manage secure meeting rooms for any and all stages within the project life cycle. Promote easier reading and quicker interpretation of important issues with threaded communications. Review and respond to items with ease, by using private threads (one-to-one), or public threads (one-to-many) within your secure group. Define a task and deadline and have access to a matrix of who has completed the task and who hasn’t. Manage documents more easily and more securely. Review, approve or disapprove plans, specs, photos, with the click of a button. Access a matrix of who has viewed/approved/disapproved the document(s) and who hasn’t. And more!

This is a low-cost approach for communicating with team members more effectively using a dedicated, secure system for project collaboration, task assignment and document management. Cut time by 75% and save money on every project. It’s your way only a lot less cumbersome!