Create and analyze RFPs and weighted questionnaires. Request for proposals can be developed, emulating your traditional process and format. Questionnaires can include weighted evaluation criteria, and the RFP/Q can be created and used for future use, as a template.

Contractors, AEs and suppliers can be invited to participate in your RFP/Questionnaire as a way to pre-qualify them for a future bid process; to assess talent and evaluate suppliers,  in order to shortlist and select your pool of pre-approved contractors. Alternately, the RFP/Q can be used to more easily procure commodities – categories can be quickly defined and goods evaluated and procured rapidly while collecting all supplier information along with their cost detail.

Weighted subtotals within the questionnaire account for the vendor’s ability to provide the required insurance, for example, or “flag” the contractor’s response to each of the questions that pertain to work experience or bonding requirements. Easily solicit and review hundreds of suppliers more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.