Bid Automation

PROJECT OWNERS: Bid Automation is an easy to use end-to-end construction bid management system. This is made possible by combining workflow automation with bid team communications, document distribution, activity tracking, bid submittal and analysis. Now you can standardize and streamline your process, ensure risk reduction, and eliminate redundancies and errors common in conventional bidding processes.

Bid Automation has evolved to become the most robust end-to-end bid management product in the marketplace. There are a wide range of tools available  to the owner when using Bid Automation; everything from detailed bid solicitations to RFI collaboration and bidder statistics reporting, to in depth bid analysis, bid leveling and bid award recommendations. Launch bid solicitations quickly with easy to use project templates and interactive bid sheets. Eliminate printing & distribution costs with our integrated plan rooms. Cross reference all bidder data immediately at close of bid with management-level dashboard reports and detailed line item analysis. What’s more: TotalBid is the only system with in depth line-item analysis made available immediately at the close of every bid event. Bid Automation makes construction bidding easier, faster and more reliable. Please Contact Us today to schedule a live web demo.