Lot Bidding

Optimize your time and your spend when bundling projects. Lot Bidding helps you leverage economies of scale on similar projects and provides you the flexibility to award individual projects, or award the entire Lot, based on the bidder’s proposed Lot discount.

Lot Bidding is the ideal solution when multiple projects of a similar nature scheduled for construction during a specific time frame, such as a major remodel of various floors in the same building, or multiple remodel projects in the same geographical location. Regardless, Lot Bidding enables your team to expedite the bid award process while at the same time benefit from the contractor’s proposed discount, if awarded all projects within the Lot. This process also provides in-depth reporting specific to Lot bidding.

In addition to premium bid management, control and reporting benefits rent to the Lot Bidding product, savings goes direct to the bottom line by way of a Lot Discount – current average is over 7%. And there’s more. Additional benefits of the Lot Bidding product includes: Invite Bidders one time, View Bidder Activity and Statistics at one place, Upload and Review Notes & Addenda at one place, Reassign the Lot to a different PM with one click. Enjoy the full function of Bid Automation combined with the flexibility and power of Lot Bidding functionality. It’s your way only easier!