TotalBid Adds FirstLook

TotalBid adds FirstLook to further enhance its evaluation analytics. Project Managers are now provided with an immediate detailed report of high risk line item costs submitted by all bidders.

Remember the days of receiving bids via Excel? Going through all the grueling analysis trying to compare apples to apples…The pain of sorting out the miscellaneous or ‘other’ line item costs…..And further, the almost impossible task of identifying which of the submitted costs are high risk.

Fret no more, TotalBid FirstLook provides the user/PM with a detailed listing immediately following the bid due date and time. The FirstLook Report provides an in-depth listing of each bidder’s high-risk line item costs, including an explanation for each targeted submittal. This report combines data with the Totalbid SpeedLevel® functionality, enabling the PM to collaborate immediately through in-cell communications with any selected number of contractors simultaneously.

FirstLook and SpeedLevel® are ONLY available at TotalBid, reducing risk from invitation through bid award!!