TotalBid Questionnaire (TQ)

TotalBid hits the mark again with a Questionnaire feature.

Though the TQ was originally designed for prequalification, it can also be used in combination with the bidding process as a tollgate, or as a standalone supporting document attached to your bidder’s submittal. The TQ will help you get answers to all your questions. Choose from multiple question types including Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Essay, Numeric, or a Multiple Selection combination. Weighted subtotals within the Questionnaire account for the vendor’s ability to provide the required insurance, or “flag” the contractor’s response to each of the questions that pertain to work experience or bonding requirements. Easily solicit and review hundreds of suppliers more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.

Used as a tollgate, the TQ must be completed and submitted for review and approval, prior to the bidder being able to participate in the project costs side of the bidding process. And yes, it also manages RFIs and requested documents such as certifications, resumes and security classification qualifications.  Improve your bidding and award process by using the TQ!

TotalBid® Project Evolution

TotalBid® provides an immediate ROI, whereby the client does not have to wait for the end of the project lifecycle to benefit. The TB Project Evolution outlines many of the additional benefits available with all our format types…


A TotalBid Service That Ensures Reducing Client Risk

Construction Sourcing contains many facets, but it can usually be reflected by the Prebid, Postbid and Award phases. TotalBid has excellent document and bidder/team communication tools for the Pre-Bid and Award phases. But, Post-Bid is what we wish to highlight here. Post-Bid can be reflected by the initial analysis and bid leveling, which is generally the most arduous part of the construction sourcing process. Before TotalBid developed the SpeedLevel® functionality, PMs spent hours and many times, days and weeks, to select the most responsive and responsible bidder. Not only can leveling be a difficult task, it puts the client at risk if not done properly.

When using TotalBid during the initial analysis, PMs/CMs and Architects immediately have the advantage of reducing client risk. The TotalBid SpeedLevel® functionality is a powerhouse when it comes to negotiations. Cost cell collaboration is date and time stamped so each round of leveling is captured for contract input. Total transparency into line item cost, unparalleled team and bidder communication and collaboration combined with in-depth comparison analysis of the original bid/cost submittal and any number of further leveled submittals, makes SpeedLevel® a must have for all construction sourcing.

If your team is struggling with bid leveling, look at what TotalBid has to offer. You will only find SpeedLevel® at TotalBid. Contact Us for more information or to schedule a free demo!

Regardless, if you are a large or small company, find out how TotalBid® can automate your bidding process and provide immediate ROI.

Owners, CMs, and facility managers involved in the construction bidding process, contact TotalBid® and take advantage of our Summer Discount Special.

Risk Assessment

TotalBid adds Risk Assessment to further enhance its evaluation analytics. Project Managers are now provided with an immediate detailed report of high risk line item costs submitted by all bidders.

Remember the days of receiving bids via Excel? Going through all the grueling analysis trying to compare apples to apples…The pain of sorting out the miscellaneous or ‘other’ line item costs…..And further, the almost impossible task of identifying which of the submitted costs are high risk.

Fret no more, TotalBid Risk Assessment provides the user/PM with a detailed listing immediately following the bid due date and time. The Risk AssessmentReport provides an in-depth listing of each bidder’s high-risk line item costs, including an explanation for each targeted submittal. This report combines data with the Totalbid SpeedLevel® functionality, enabling the PM to collaborate immediately through in-cell communications with any selected number of contractors simultaneously.

Risk Assessment and SpeedLevel® are ONLY available at TotalBid, reducing risk from invitation through bid award!!