TotalBid Enhances Questionnaire To Make Bid Solicitations Even More Successful.

Cost isn’t the only factor involved in awarding a viable bid.
You also need to score your bidder’s history and current capabilities.

So, how does one judge a contractor for their past performances and current capabilities?….. Many factors can play into this when you consider that a GC’s performance is essentially only as good as the Subcontractors working for them.  Many times, the Subcontractors complete 40% – 70% of the work, so it is important to know if the GC is selecting the best team possible.  In addition, when an Owner Client contracts with a specific GC that was used on a previous project, there is no guarantee that the same team will be assembled to deliver the same quality of work this time, for good or bad. The contractor’s previous history can tell the tale.

And this is where TotalBid comes in.  Consider using a technical AND cost phase when bidding your projects, whereby the technical phase acts as a tollgate to qualify bidders for participation in the cost phase.  The TotalBid RFP/Questionnaire functionality is an ideal candidate for the technical phase of your project.  A custom questionnaire can be created by the PM with a variety of question options including Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Numeric, Essay and File Type. Questions can be weighted so that they are automatically scored once the questionnaires are submitted. Or for those questions that require subjective analysis, multiple team members can be assigned to provide their own analysis, and an average or ‘fair’ score can be created.  Bidders can be immediately disqualified following this phase or at any time during the cost phase to come. Another highlight, is the ability to assign additional weighting to both the technical and cost phases and establish an overall viable score for awarding the bid. For instance, RFP/Q = 70%, Cost = 30%.

It is also important to note that TotalBid offers two options for the use of the RFP/Questionnaire.  The first as described here, allows you to attach the questionnaire to a project.  However, there is also the option to create a questionnaire that stands alone without any specific project details. For example, this can be used at the beginning of each year to pre-qualify a massive number of contractors for the year to follow.  We can accommodate hundreds of submittals for the scoring process.  If you have any questions regarding the RFP/Q functionality, please email or call us at Support@TotalBid.com, 561-838-4489