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TotalBid® offers an A-to-Z construction management system that is easy to use, comprehensive, and continues to make construction bidding faster, easier, and more reliable. Continual improvements to the website functionality has Users agreed, “TotalBid out performs all other bidding platforms.” Enhancements to the TotalBid Questionnaire (TQ), FirstLook, SpeedLeveling®, Design-Build and Bundle management, round out the winter updates.

Not only have we improved the current capabilities of the TQ, as a supporting feature on a project, but we have made it possible to use it as a tollgate for passage to the bidding portion of the project. Using the Questionnaire as a tollgate, bidders are required to answer questions, and submit requested documents by a specific date and time, before they can pass to the bidding portion of the project. The PM can manually score the TQ or allow the system to score the document based on preset weights per question. If the bidder fails to provide adequate answers, the project is removed from their homepage at TotalBid. After the TotalBid Questionnaire process is complete, then the bidders can pass to the bidding portion and the remaining pre-bid documents, such as plans and specifications. Again, this is an alternate way to use the current TQ, but we think it may be a valuable one in the bid procurement process.

The FirstLook report, in conjunction with the SpeedLevel® functionality, filter high risk cost items submitted by the bidder. These items are compiled in the FirstLook report saving hours and sometime days of evaluation work for the PM. With this information at hand, the PM can move forward with the in-cell collaboration through the SpeedLevel® process. This process also saves time and money through the identification of items not priced properly in accordance with the SOV requirements. This is cost avoidance which would otherwise end up as a change order. It’s fast and documents all leveling action. SpeedLevel® doesn’t miss, it targets every item at risk in every contractor’s bid sheet.