TotalBid Optimizes Construction Sourcing

Bid LevelingTotalBid has taken its functionality up a notch. We have enhanced our Bid Leveling with the capability to handle the most complex of bid sheets. The latest upgrades provide additional transparency into advanced bid sheets (ABS), a higher level of collaboration, and the identification of high risk cost items, already provided by our FirstLook feature. No other construction sourcing system has the ‘secret sauce’ needed to provide PMs with such cost control assets for managing and evaluating bids.

We cannot stress how many parts of the construction process are affected by the sourcing. Pages and pages have and will be written about this subject. But, no matter how you manage the effort, change orders tell the story. If you follow the paper trail, there are certain tasks that can ‘rock the boat’ on every bid award and cause a change order fall-out: plans and specification accuracy, responses to RFIs, supporting document validity, contractor qualifications, accurate bid sheets relative to the schedule of values, managing the bidding process to track bidder activity, evaluation of bids, and award to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. Not the least of which, is the direct effect each of those tasks has on another.

Taken all together, the construction sourcing process makes for a very stressful job for Project Managers. We know that PMs look to TotalBid to help them work smarter and more efficiently…and that is our selling point. TotalBid is designed to gather as much information as possible for the PM to make a wise decision in the shortest amount of time as possible. The truly great part about TotalBid, most of the bid management process is on cruise control. All of those ‘boat rocking’ tasks we mentioned are automated and retained for review at your convenience.

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