Project Owners

TotalBid is a web-based, construction sourcing system. TotalBid ensures construction cost control for project owners and their stakeholders.

TotalBid is an easy to use system for commercial and industrial construction project managers, chain store developers, program managers, facility partners, architects & engineers, owner’s representatives, and all others responsible for and involved with the apex of construction bidding.

Project owners use TotalBid to streamline their bid process and provide a better way to select the lowest responsive and responsible bidder on every project, regardless of project size.

How is this made possible? Your current bid sheet is converted into the system and becomes an integral component of the process, for each and every new, remodel or facilities project. With every bid, this robust bid management system enables your project team to solicit bidders, distribute plans, view bidder activity, respond to RFIs or post addenda, communicate and collaborate with your bid team and bidders, and view bidder information metrics at every step in the process.

Project owners depend on TotalBid to collect and automatically analyze bids by section, division or line-item. Immediate bid event reporting is a BIG time saver, and one of the many reasons why TotalBid helps to reduce your bid administration time by 75%. Imagine: immediately at the close of every bid event you have access to a wide range of automatically generated detailed reports. Subsequently, you can level bids to ensure apple to apple comparisons and scope compliance, make recommendations to management for bid award, and make formal award notifications. Historical reporting can be generated easily, allowing you to create custom reports per project type, region, date range, project manager, etc.

TotalBid can also be used by your program managers and CM firms, so project owners can gain even more visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

No more Excel. No more faxes. Reduce emails and phone calls. Reduce reports to management since they have access to many of the same dashboard-level, historical reports. All within one easy to use system.

Project owners cut time by 75% and reduce construction spend by up to 10% using TotalBid. Contact us today to find out how to start saving time and money on every project, right away.

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