Bid Management

The construction bid process has a relatively standard workflow, but there are many ways in which you can leverage technology to optimize your time, your spend, and the management of your suppliers.

Bid Automation

Reduce your time by 75% and cut construction spend on every project. Bid Automation is an easy to use, comprehensive, end-to-end construction bid management system that makes construction bidding easier, faster and more reliable.
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Multistage Bidding

Reduce your time and cut construction spend by up to 10%. Designed by a commercial contractor as the perfect alternative to Oracle and Ariba sourcing, our Multistage Bidding product provides your bidders with the tools and time necessary to provide line item cost reduction,..
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Lot Bidding

Leverage economies of scale by bundling similar construction projects. Lot Bidding will optimize your spend and save you a lot of time and effort in the process. Lot Bidding gives you the flexibility to award individual projects, or award the entire Lot, based on the bidder’s proposed Lot discount..
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TotalBid LITE

Try a scaled down product with a scaled down price. TotalBid LITE is founded on the same great technology as our standard Bid Automation product, making construction bidding easier, faster and more reliable than ever before for small or fast moving projects.
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Multiple Prime

Managing construction projects with multiple bid events? Go direct to AE services, site work, loading docks or refrigeration? Now you can roll up all sub trades into one master cost sheet to represent the single project. Enjoy the power of Multiple Prime when performing historical analysis..
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Create and analyze weighted questionnaires. Questionnaires can be developed, emulating your traditional process and format. Assess talent the easy way using the robust Questionnaire.
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